Animal Dominoes


Animal Dominoes

The game of Animal Dominoes is a game that teaches and Entertains children between Ages 2 to 7.
The Goal of this game is to make children familiar with animals, their voices, the relation between animals and their offspring, and also their living places.
In this game children choose and put an animal on a log and according to a question which is asked randomly, they have to find mother/father/offspring or the living place of that animal.
Furthermore this game include 18 happy (Persian) Songs for children which we hope you enjoy.

Features : 

●  Teaching names of the animals
●  Teaching voices of animals
●  Teaching animals living place
●  More than 20 characters of animals offspring and 20 characters of mature animals with their living places
●  Available in 2 languages: English and Persian!
●  18 happy Persian songs for children
● Funny and interesting characters
●  Beautiful and user-friendly design
●  Simple and intuitive navigation
●  No Ads!

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